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Enhanced Bill Pay

We've upgraded our Bill Pay system to make paying bills better, easier, and more convenient than ever, giving you more freedom to enjoy life. All of your payees and payment have carried over to the new system, along with 18 months of transaction history. Need to add a new payee? Simply select the "Add a Payee" button at the top of your dashbard. As always, you can expect the same great service but with upgraded tools and options to make your life easier.
Explore our enhanced Bill Pay by clicking one of the links below.

Having trouble?

We are always here to help. If you're having trouble with the enhancement of Bill Pay, please contact customer service at 877-302-1836. Our brief online demos may also help you solve your problem. You can find those demos at the buttons above.

What are the features and functionality within Bill Pay?

Your Spirit of Texas Bank Bill Pay home page will be set up as a dashboard where you are able to monitor payment activity at a glance. From your dashboard, you'll be able to:
  • View all payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances.
  • Quickly add a new payee.
  • Make a payment to any person or company in one click.
  • Set up recurring payments for bills that are the same each month.
  • See bill amounts and payment due dates with our new eBill Service.
  • Plus use your smartphone, tablet or computer to send money to anyone with our new Person to Person payment option.
  • Send overnight or next day payments to payees (fees may apply).
  • Send a Gift Check or charitable donation from you online bill pay account.
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Treasury Management

We offer a broad array of treasury and cash management products designed to help your business achieve your goals and protect your capital