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Our experience and versatility make us unique

We’ve been serving commercial business and real estate owners since we opened our doors. Our seasoned lenders take the time to learn your business, listen to your needs and come up with a lending plan. And we do it fast.

Our lenders understand business ownership. In fact, many of our lenders have been business owners. With that experience in hand, Spirit of Texas Bank is able to offer an array of business solutions.

Perhaps you’re new to business ownership. That’s okay, we are prepared to walk you through the process and help you grow. Maybe you’re a successful entrepreneur. How can we help you surpass your goals?

The mortgage loan process reinvented for speed and ease

From top to bottom, we've evaluated every step of the mortgage loan process. If something could be done in one step instead of two, we've done it. First home? You've come to the right place. Experienced homebuyer? You'll wonder why you used any other mortgage lender in the past.

We have even built an outstanding foreign national lending program. We understand the financial needs of our neighbors who frequently visit Texas or who invest in what Texas has to offer. Let our bilingual lending specialist help you reach your goals.

No matter your need, let's figure out how we can help

Commercial real estate, mortgage, checking accounts, SBA lending, small business, big business, we do it all.

Find a branch nearest you and let’s talk. We’ll buy the coffee.

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