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Consumer Lending

If you have a dream, we have a loan.

Sometimes you need financial help to get where you want to be in life. A financial leg up to get you over a hurdle or accelerate a dream.

Choosing a banker that understands is the first step. That is where Spirit of Texas Bank comes in. You'll find a friendly face and welcoming ear with our consumer lenders.

Life changes for the better when you can afford what you need.

Other banks call it the 'Loan Process'; You'll just call it a great experience.

Loans don't have to be cumbersome and stressful. So we decided to make them streamlined and enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable. We train and then train some more to ensure that the lending experience you have is as fast, friendly and enjoyable as possible.

A lifetime relationship

Banking with Spirit of Texas just gets better over time.

Undergraduate degree. Masters. PhD. No problem. 
Jon Boat. Ski boat. Cabin Cruiser. We can help.
Tent camper. Fifth wheel. Motorhome. Let's get started.  

We're here for you all along the way. Many of our customers consider us part of the family. We couldn't agree more. The secret is our Texas ownership and values.

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