Treasury Management

All businesses want to make money. But moving it is important, too.

The key term is cash flow. No matter what they make or sell or do, Texas businesses want to handle incoming funds quickly and efficiently, and to make outgoing payments on time and with minimal cost and staff resources. At Spirit of Texas Bank, we offer Treasury Management solutions that do all of the above, allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on growing your business and your bottom line.


  • Merchant Services: Efficient processing of credit card, debit card, gift card and electronic payments, allowing your customers to pay in any manner that's convenient to them.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Save your team time with a secure system that allows you to scan incoming checks into your office computer and transmit them directly to Spirit of Texas Bank.
  • ACH Collections: Arrange for your customers and clients to make electronic payments directly to your bank accounts, eliminating check-processing costs and increasing on-time payments.
  • Lockbox Services: Incoming checks can be directed to a special post office box, from which Spirit of Texas Bank will gather them every day and deposit them into your business accounts. We'll provide daily records of all transactions.


  • ACH Payments: Improve cash flow and reduce mailing costs by originating electronic payments to suppliers, vendors, tax authorities, and employees through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • Wire Transfers: Make secure, expedited electronic payments to vendors and trading partners in the U.S. and other countries.

Account Management and Protection

  • Zero Balance Accounts: At the end of each business day, excess funds are automatically swept from secondary accounts into a main operating account, where they are available to facilitate payments or earn interest.
  • Positive Pay: Cut down on check fraud by sending Spirit of Texas Bank a list of all checks issued. When one is submitted for payment, we'll make sure it's on the list and that the dollar amount matches. A similar service is available for ACH payments.

Let's Get Started 

Our seasoned Treasury Management team is ready to help you find the solution your business needs. Call our office at (281) 516-4945 or drop us a line at to speak to a Treasury Management professional. 

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